by Bridges and Knights

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Alejo Izaguirre – voz, guitarra rítmica
Adrián Vaccaro – guitarra, coros
Martín Zambrano – guitarra, coros
Brian Duffau – bajo
Agustín García Guerra – batería, coros


released August 11, 2010

Producido por Bridges and Knights
Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Matias Luzi
Diseño y arte por Adrián Vaccaro



all rights reserved


Bridges and Knights Argentina

Bridges and Knights was a post-hardcore band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which formed in early 2008.

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Track Name: The Pixel View
The sunrise wakes the city
A day is born in this scene
The mist is still fresh in the grass

The morning paints the clouds red
and sitting at a park-bench,
I'm feeling proud of my small town

All this light green, perfectly well blended
with the concrete, which surrounds the park
in this city, the city of lovers
every corner is another world

Later the river wind will make me shiver
the train tracks will take me back home
Streets full of music, art, people and poetry
and history is always about

In the night time, I'm in a cab
'Will you mister take me somewhere nice?'
'Well say young man, what do you enjoy?'
'Where would you prefer?'
'Where would you prefer boy?'

I'm nowhere and it's now
I don't really care about the seconds that have passed
In a minute I’ll be asleep,
It could be eight AM or it could be half past three
Track Name: Frigyes Karinthy
So much I wanna say to a person I don't know
and stranger ways to make us all people know
New ways of eclecticism laying in my door
Reinventing all kind of notions about love

Six six six grades of separation

Kilometers, miles, equations
Researching platonics, loves and temptations
Guilty conscience making redemption
What's the deal about this situation?
Track Name: Japanese Scenarios
Father you should know that something’s going wrong
The world where you were born has gotten very old
And that’s the reason why your bonsai never grows
and the sins of your generation are inexonerables

But with time will this happen again?
Something will never change
Maybe is just the cyclic history
Should I simply not guess anything?

Should I simply not guess anything?

Should I walk alone and forget the past? (should I?)
Do I have to burn myself or freeze the sun? (should I?)
What will happen to the earth? What will happen to the tea?
How could I finish this song? How could I put an end to this?

The stairway to heaven will take to a new path
across from the sun something’s new
for you and I, something we’re asking for

Trees will burn

Yes they
will burn!
Track Name: Between Midnight And Morning Glory
Those two brown eyes and a pretty as fuck voice
Shimmering so bright against my three AM
I know you're good but I'm so out of here
You wanna run but something keeps you here

Between midnight
And the drinks we had so far
You keep your place
And I'm the one who's raising your heart rate

I'm so high, and you're so scared
I'm so high, but who said I'm not afraid

The night goes on and I'm coming down
I'm feeling nauseous, headaches
Creeping up, creeping up
Excuse me if I have to step outside, to step outside, outside!

Excuse me for being like this
For fucking every moment with my stupid selfishness
Excuse me for being like this
For fucking every precious moment forgetting we're a pair and not just me

I'm so high, and you're so scared
I'm so high, but who said I'm not afraid
Track Name: Razorblade Massacre
I'm walking down the street, down an empty alley
Thinking of events that have recently taken place
The sky's turned black and the rain is seazing
Now I can't hide my teardrops in the rain

And you're not there, you're not there,
You're not there and I'm lost!

A slow-killing illness is what you left me
Hiding it behind a mask which you called love
And three days later I'm still stuck with the
thought of that one that took it all from me

Deprived of sleep by your thought
Deprived of thought by your voice

If this isn't new for me then
Why does it hurt the same
Everytime, everytime

Maybe, maybe
There's something wrong with me
Something wrong with me!